It goes without saying that great cultural and artistic achievements were accomplished by many masters from the Italian Renaissance era. And what the masters left behind is passed down and now it is called the art and culture of Italy. Located in the northern part of the home country, Milan is said to be a town that has developed without being buried beneath the enormous history of Italy. "Fashion" and "Design" are the two major industries of the city.

Michael Leitch Osso

OSSO is born in the city of fashion and design, Milan. A fashionable watch with stylish and practical excellence that the Italian designer has demonstrated without regret. The sophisticated design with high visibility 3D index shows unique fashion and gives grand impact to the viewer, while still showing the exquisite balance on the dial that never stops functioning . All watches are carefully hand finished one by one are all world-wide limited to 50 items (each design)and the serial number is stamped and registered. OSSO is a new brand that proposes to be utilised in a wide range of daily scenes - authentic in its style from skillful in colour to monotone and chic.